Bilberry Goats of Waterford

The Bilberry Goat Heritage Trust

The Bilberry Goats are a rare herd that have lived together on
Bilberry Rock in Waterford City for hundreds of years.

Unlike any other breed found in Ireland or UK, the Bilberry Herd
is thought to be related to Maltese of Cashmere Goats. Locals
believe they came over with the Huguenots from France over 300 years ago
and have lived on Bilberry Rock ever since.

The herd is currently 28 goats, with eight females. They are larger than
domestic goats with shaggy coats and very large horns. A recent report by
European Goat Experts said that they were “amazed to see a primitive herd
still living in the wild”, and that the goats are a “unique ancient breed”.

The Trust was set up to protect these goats from extinction. The 14 acre
piece of land where they graze used to be a commonage but was recently
sold to a developer who wants to build houses on this historic area. This
will render the Bilberry Herd extinct.