Bilberry Goats of Waterford

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September 12, 2006, 11:39 am
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We the undersigned, appeal to Waterford City Countil to protect the unique Bilberry Rock goat herd and the habitat on which they’ve lived for centuries, as part of our local, regional and national heritages. 

Please safeguard these animals and the Bilberry Rock area for the future citizens of Waterford and Ireland. 

Please email the above message with your name to 

Or send to Catherine Carroll, Secretary BGHPT, 24 Killian’s Place, Ferrybank,


Thank you! 



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Save the Goats

Comment by Caroline Hogan

Save the Goats

Comment by Maeve O' Meara

Save the goats.

Comment by Brian Mathews

Save these unique goats.

Comment by Louise Gibney

save the goats

Comment by nuala doyle

please save the billies

Comment by Marie

rettet die Bilberry Goats

Comment by Karsten

It would be a great shame if something so unique should be lost to development.

Comment by Julie Swaom

I help take care of the goats sometimes.My dad collects their oats and we cart them over to Bilberry Rock in a wheelbarrow. We bring buckets of water for them to.We do this with the people who take care of the goats and are on the goat commitee.Even though i am 11

Comment by Triona Collins

save the the goats

Comment by joe fitzpatrick

we have plenty of land for development elsewhere, leave the goats alone

Comment by shane ryan

leave the goats alone

Comment by michael

Don’t let the ‘Celtic Tiger’ kill off these beautiful goats

Comment by Christine Plunkett

Goats are magical!!!

Comment by Ted Ratcliffe

Im outraged that the land was even sold to a developer!!!!!
This should be made more public! Get it out of just the republic – threr will be loads of people out there that will be outraged by this as well.
Safeguard the heritage – and redevelop where there are derilict properties!!!

Comment by fiona waugh

It’s a shame that these goats, as is the case with so many other animals are being driven out of their land for the sake of yet more development. This land should not be available to sell – it is already home to these goats. We have already lost so many unique animal species, please don’t let these goats be next.

Comment by Kendall Roissetter

leave land for the goats, save the goats.

Comment by Mary Mc Glinchey

buksz rares

Sign the Petition! | Bilberry Goats of Waterford

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Sign the Petition! | Bilberry Goats of Waterford

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